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Energy citizenship

The energy-power equation explained

Power, politics, 8 billion people, and expectations for $100 trillion in investments until 2050. This is, at its core, what the energy transition is about. But for it to benefit humanity and the planet in both the short and long term, people need to be empowered by being equipped with a basic understanding of what energy is and how it affects their behavior.

This book cuts through the noise and the sensationalism. It explains in simple terms what energy is and how it relates to power and influence. It challenges current biases about what energy is by examining scientific discovery, economic history, and human psychology.

The Unpopular Truth…

about Electricity and the Future of Energy

An introduction to electricity in modern energy systems including cost of electricity, energy returns (eROI), consequences of the energy transition, and recommendations for a sustainable energy policy.

Research & Videos

Full cost of electricity ‘FCOE‘ and energy returns ’eROI’

SAGE Talks
Discussion on The Future of Energy: by Dr. Lars Schernikau